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>> Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Update

Okay, sorry I didn't pop in to post an update last night. I thought about it, but wasn't up to it.

Yesterday afternoon I had my appointment. I didn't gain any weight (yay!) and was dilated to a 2. It was funny because as he was examining me, I whispered, "Please don't say 1.5". My mom and I were laughing later that he probably lied about me being a 2, just so I didn't freak out.

After examining me, he walked to my chart, flipped it out, folded his hands together and smiled.
Me: "Okay, what's the deal?"
Dr: "So, we have you set for Friday"
Me: (pause) "Friday??"
Dr: Yes, I've had this date since last week. I called last week to set it up for Tuesday. Couldn't get anything Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
Me: "........okay"
Dr: "So, Friday at 5"
Me: "Am right?"
Dr: (With a smile) "Yes"

After leaving the office and processing everything, I have a feeling the nurse I talked to yesterday morning knew that my induction date was Friday, but she was just scared to tell me. It's not that I'm crazy, but I think they just knew that I was ready to be done.

I LOVE feeling the baby move. I am so thankful and blessed to be pregnant. I'm overjoyed to be having a baby.

But I am done. :)

Back to yesterday. You know when you're about to have a baby (which I thought was going to be today) you kind of get yourself into a zone. I really try to focus mentally, let alone start planning and getting things ready, etc. And even though on the way to the appointment I knew there was a possibility that it wasn't going to be today (Tuesday). I told myself that I would be okay with it. Wellll, I guess I had Wednesday or even Thursday in mind. Not Friday. So, after I walked out of the office, I was really disappointed. I texted Tahner (still in his seminar) and called my mom. I had to go to Macy's to pick up some foundation since I was on that side of town. Within the 5 minutes I'd driven from the office, I became so angry at the thought of people's responses and comments. And at the thought of having to answer the same questions over and over. "When are you due, what are you having, are you sure there's only ONE in there, are you having TWINS because you are HUGE". I decided that if one person, just one person asked me that in Macy's, I would just give them a dirty look and keep walking. Thank God no one did! The lady helping me at Clinique didn't even go there. I was the one that ended up bringing up the fact that I so glad to find a foundation because I didn't have time to wait for it to come into stock, which happened when I was there last week (and thankfully ended up being the wrong color for me). She was very nice, and talked with me about baby names, since we STILL don't have one!

By the time I got home, I was in tears though. My mom took the girls swimming, and Tahner had just gotten home. When I walked in the door, he knew. We talked a minute, and I told him that if anyone said something sarcastic or negative, we may not be friends anymore. Ha! So, he took the initiative to text all of our family & friends to tell them that Friday is the day, that we would appreciate positive thoughts & prayers. He got lots of response.

My phone was awfully quiet. :)

I think most everyone #1: thought that I didn't know he sent that text out and #2: was probably scared to contact me. One of my sweet friends was brave, and casually texted me to see if I'd gotten the pedicure I had mentioned to her before. I told her she was the only brave one to contact me, and we had a good little chat. She is just so sweet. She's in town for the summer since her husband is out to sea and she would have been at the base with her sweet little girl for a couple months. So she came home to spend time with parents, and I've had such a great time hanging out with her and the little miss. My girls have loved playing with her too.

Slowly I got some texts and calls from sweet friends, cautiously offering positive wishes and kind words. It was such a relief. And even on Facebook, I've had nothing but positive comments. SUCH a relief, because there were plenty of people that I could imagine saying something that would make me want to poke them, hard. :)

So, that's where we stand. Since we had a few extra days, I asked (begged really) my parents to lend me my cousin, who is working for them, so he could come and work on some projects at my house. So today my mom and cousin came over! He laid peel and stick tile in our master bath, and fixed the kick plate. The tile is so nice that it looks like real tile. He also replaced the vanity light in the girls' bath. Tomorrow he is going to finish the tile, replace the vanity light in our bath, hall light, and install fans in each of the bathrooms. My mom is going to paint the vanity in our bathroom. I got two more paint samples for our bathrooms, so after we decide on one, I will head out and buy some, and hopefully we can get those painted too. Ah, projects! I am so glad to get these done, because I know they wouldn't be done for awhile.

I got the car washed today, and hopefully I can actually install the car seat. It's been in the back, but not installed. Just a few more days, so I'm trying to just get a few last minute things done, and make sure that I rest in between.

I wish I had some good pictures to put in this post, but I don't. I always like taking pictures from around the house, so I can remember what it looked like right before baby came. I will make sure I do that soon! Maybe after our projects are done. :)

**I found that quote when I clicked over to Pinterest, just before publishing. I thought it was pretty fitting.

♥ Amber


kimert August 2, 2011 at 8:57 PM  

Hi, my name is Kim and I am a Pinterest addict. Love the quote. Can't wait to read a baby update! :)

Shawn August 2, 2011 at 9:56 PM  

You are a trooper! Having had an August baby I know what you're going through...hang in there just 2 more days!

Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya August 3, 2011 at 5:57 AM  

I completely relate to you in your final days of pregnancy. I always would either A) Cry B)hide out OR C)Cry some more.
I can completely enjoy a pregnancy until the last couple weeks. Especially my last one, as he was a large baby and the Dr tried natural inductions for a month before he was actually born (a week late, at almost 10lbs). It's just NOT FUN! All that built up excitement, combined with the (what feels to be) pressure from friends & family as well as the pressure you put on yourself...it's like your body denies you of what you want it to do.
Good luck on Friday! that day will seem like it crept up on you way too fast once it's here!
All the best :)

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali August 4, 2011 at 8:44 AM  

You are so on top of it all! I was the same way last year before a major surgery. Well good luck to you and I can't wait to see pic's of the new little princess.

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